itis what it is

Not many people find great people in there life i was one of those lucky few who did. I didn’t like women at all after the confusion with my previous relationship i had before. But now it hurtful the way the tide has really turn. life doesn’t give you the best of the best. Things get crupted and life and all of its meaning falls apart. many of life challenges you must express show who you really are and never give in to ingorance. Life was not understandable to some but to many it the choice of what we dont want in our lives. i may not be one of the smartest kids in the world but life backs you up into a corner and blows you away for so many reasons. people see you as a personĀ  who is clearly lost track of time and just never sees life as full enjoyment saddness corupts my world doubt shows me that am the big fuck up no body but me. Having girls play me for a pack of nuts is a sick thought. its all bout what you want to do i am sorry for the bad that i caused and the weird thoughts that came about in this situation but you know what it is what it is

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Hello world!

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